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Of 4.1 billion internet population, PPC Services are essential to target the niche audience for a brand. Evidently, 7 million advertisers understand its high-cut value which made it a total of $10.1 billion industry. This investment is remarkably awarded 65% of clicks on paid ads from users who want to make a purchase.

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It's our pleasure to impart the best knowledge about Pay-Per-Click services which will eventually benefit your business. The three most popular search engines- Google, Bing & Yahoo- offer platform to begin your PPC campaigns which fetch the attention of your niche audience whenever your products/services are demanded. Generally, the motive of campaigns run under PPC services are based on awareness, interest, consideration, intent, evaluation and sale.

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PPC Company India: Ultimate Solutions We Offer

As a leading company with happy clientele & highly experienced experts under its umbrella, Yupple Technologies attacks straight into the lion's cave. We thrive for the best results for you and what's said is done in our case. We look to bring high-quality leads and convert the traffic for you. Wondering, how do we do this cumbersome task? Well, that's where we step in to shovel away your troubles with our amazing PPC service India.

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    Google AdWords PPC

    Creating original & highly striking Ad copies and promoting it to the targeted audience give us the upper hand in Google Adwords PPC because marketing with assured results is the only way that's our way. We believe in customizing strategies, enforcing best tactics and optimizing campaigns so that driving niche traffic is as easy as a pie.

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    PPC Ad Management

    Our experts analyze your PPC campaigns often and keep a tab on keyword research, ad creation, boosting, remarketing, bid management and other PPC specific activities. As we vouch for fine results, hence we don't shy away from showing them off in our monthly reports. Also, with hawk's eyes, no bleeding, negative or missing keyword would hurt your progress.

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    PPC Remarketing

    Higher ROI keeps you & us happy. We tend to remarket campaigns in order to convert every possible customer at an optimal budget and result-oriented strategies. Our expertise compels us to hit 'almost-there' clients, reach a large-scale audience, lower Cost per Click and extend the visibility of ads with a clearer message.

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    Leads & Sales PPC

    We're the battalion to drive leads and convert them into sales for you. As simple as it goes, PPC management services India can't do better than ours because we're ahead of all to identify what customers demand, optimize your landing pages and produce actionable content. Double your revenues in the shortest span with us.

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    Social Media PPC

    Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest PPC marketing get ultra-specific with options to target audience based on age, region, education, profession, income, hobbies, business, gender, and more. It requires a thorough knowledge of the market, people and their demands. We make your products & services more buy-able with our ad techniques.

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    PPC Web Optimization

    Have you drenched your money in PPC campaigns yet no positive results have amazed you? We can help you in finding the loophole in the process and amplify your approach with rather committed practices like optimizing your landing pages with rich keywords and fresh content.

social media marketing a strategic approach

Our Mannerism: PPC Advertising Agency

Effective Keyword Research

Keywords are fuel to the fire. We tend to outdo ourselves when we sit to research & skim out the most effective keyword research to create adcopies for relevant search results.

Configure & Execute Ads Strategy

Straining on keywords leads to configuring the best of adcopies. Developing and optimizing ads to ripe maximum benefits and ROIs becomes our sole goal. As best PPC advertising company, we score every point that gets you niche customers on your website.

Bid Management

It's a package of creative creation of adcopies, effective visuals & banners and flawless bid management that offers great PPC campaigns. This brings us to optimize your landing pages for excellent conversion rate via careful automatic & manual bid management.

Auditing & Reporting

Frequent analyzes can save you from wastage of budget on bleeding, missing or incomplete keywords. Also, we plan to keep you informed on everything that we do for you. All campaigns will be 100% in your control.

social media marketing a strategic approach

Optimized PPC, Optimized Packages

Yupple is your one & only PPC advertising firm for higher lead generations & better sales.

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why should yupple technologies be your ultimate choice for ppc services?

Yupple is the melting pot for many experts who are spades of their trades, to come along and offer their services to fulfil the ultimate goal of clinching #1 position in the search engines. Eventually, drive the traffic in huge numbers and significant conversions along the way. We do it in the most convenient, budget-appropriate and creative way.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does my business require PPC Services?

    Most definitely, YES! Every business indeed requires PPC Services in today's marketing world as it serves the purpose of creating genuine leads, attracts better conversions and adds to the organic growth of your website in SEO terms.
  • Can I customise my budget?

    Yes, the client is in full control of how much you want to spend on your PPC campaigns. It follows, in general, 'more the gold, better the services'. However, we don't believe in compromising on benefits at any budget whatsoever. Hence, you must expect maximum benefits out of our PPC campaign runs.
  • Will I be educated on PPC Campaigns?

    Yes, of course. It'll be our pleasure over the duty to educate you on PPC campaigns. We want you to walk with us throughout the process with full information on knick-knack of PPC services.
  • Who will click on my AdWords ads?

    Since, most of the times people are not able to distinguish between ads and organic search results, they happen to click the ads links which lead to your landing page. Anyone who finds the adcopy relevant to their query.
  • Why PPC Marketing is better than other unpaid marketing strategies?

    As PPC is scalable, measurable, flexible, short-span results-driven, engaging and improves conversion rates ASAP! It's the highly invested digital marketing branch due to its outstanding ROI.

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