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Facebook, as a social media platform, has shaken the world with its networking opportunities for people and businesses. It's hardly believable that 2.23 billion people are registered with 88% of users logging in daily. Facebook marketing services gained pace when campaign advertising developed and businesses took to the platform to create B2C relationships. With our Facebook ad services, you'll get target audience engagement, quality leads, original reviews and organic web traffic. Brimming you up with queries and direct communication with your clients on every social media handle becomes our sole aim.

  • Campaigns To Spark Engagement
  • Drive Quality Traffic
  • Adroit Advertising Solutions
  • Sculpt Target Audience


We don't sugarcoat when we say we're a complete package in the form of a digital marketing agency in India. Phenomenal Facebook marketing experts make it happen for us to be your favourite agency. It's hard to ignore how their minds are always processing to find a viral-worthy campaign idea to hop your brand reputation on top. Want to know what they can do for you?

  • Facebook Page Management

    We cut a big slice of viewership for you using our Facebook page management services India that includes Facebook widget development, ads management, buying genuine likes & followers and group creation.

  • Spike User Engagement

    You need a Facebook marketing agency that can secure your brand reputation among your audience. We understand likes and reactions are important but comments and shares get better marks when boosting engagement.

  • Assured Brand Awareness

    Social media concentrates the audience with shared interests using Facebook group creation & page management. Utilizing the opportunities, we create your brand awareness campaigns that reinforce your brand value.

  • Lead Generation

    93% of marketers use Facebook ads. 78% of them are satisfied with their ads. 56% of B2C marketers agree to generate great revenues. And we want to add your company to the revenue making list.t

  • Drive Sales

    Interested customers want to look out for more than 'Call-to-Action' buttons. We create an irreplaceable bond with your clients that leads to better sales and conversion rate.

  • Web Traffic Growth & Reach

    Facebook advertising offers a great set of tools that enables you to direct Facebook users on your website's landing page. As consultant, improving the reach of your channel will remain in our top priority.

Our methodology

Facebook Marketing Strategy Development

We believe in preparing before execution. Facebook marketing campaigns are firstly developed based on your goals & requisites. Once we've done thorough market research, we dive right into structuring out a well-framed strategy for you. Keeping your inputs & suggestion into consideration, the planning phase ends with your approval.

Facebook Marketing Content Creation

Interesting, attention-grabbing, moving and actionable content for your social media page is a must. Apart from creating content which speaks about your brand, we make sure that the audience feels welcomed and entertained every time. It's important to create a story around you so that whenever an ad flashes on their screen, they're bound to give you a click.

Facebook Page Marketing & Ads Creation

Myriads of features like buying followers, maintaining groups, earning likes and widget development add to seamless experience from businesses. However, the more the options, the more the complexity. Our Facebook ads experts diminish our stress and make it super-duper easy as pie with their Facebook page management services India.

Live Campaigns Tracking & Reporting

Shovel away every query as you get 24x7 support of our Facebook Marketing experts. It's their job to give you the best assistance and incorporate your request at each phase of the project. While we structure our progress in weekly/monthly reports, we're always glad to track any outcome by taking Facebook campaign live.

Good Looking ORM Packages
Yupple knows what it means to have a good online reputation. With yours, we make ours.

What makes us the best facebook

advertising company?

We see no point in doing anything online without any purpose. Giving purpose to your brand, our Facebook marketing consultants turn your questions to satisfaction. Whatever runs behind the curtain remains documented for you to understand. However, on the front stage, the best pointers of our efforts are quality traffic, custom audience, lead-generating campaigns and other Facebook advertising solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are Facebook Marketing Services India?

    Stepping ahead of being just a networking site, Facebook has given businesses a new perspective which means you can expect to grow, create a trustworthy community and execute plans which guarantee 100% result.

    To achieve these heights, Facebook strategy building, content creation, page management, campaign generation, monitoring parameters and reporting the progress are all part of Facebook marketing services.
  • Is it bad to add text in my ad images?

    The answer is somewhat – Yes! As per Facebook's guidelines, the ads which are 100% images convert way better than with text.

    However, the guidelines also mention that your image shouldn't have more than 20% text or else the text is considered overlayed. If the limit is not considered while posting, your ad might get blocked or rejected.
  • Should I include URLs in the Ads Text (Description) ?

    No! Display text in Facebook ads is limited. Usually, it is considered not to go beyond 125 characters. Also, Facebook has it' own URL display automated in the ad so why should you waste the valuable characters to add URL in it.

    Instead, grab your reader's attention with catchy and convincing text.
  • Should I set Daily Budget or Lifetime Budget?

    It depends on the clients to decide based on their targets. If you're experimenting and not sure what will happen to your ads then daily budgets are well to go with. However, if you're sure about the desired outcome then go along with lifetime budget.
  • Will I decide what goes on my Facebook Handle?

    The page is yours just as much as is your business. We're just the bridge in getting you there where you dream to go. You'll have 100% control over everything and anything that goes on to the page. Only upon your approval, we're going to put the ads live.

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