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39% of eCommerce traffic comes through search results. Approx 1 billion people enjoy online shopping. B2B sales on the brim of crossing over $6.7 trillion. E-commerce site gets traffic through organic (22%), email (20%) and CPC (19%). We thrive on these statistics and go by the words of George Bernard Shaw, “It is the mark of a truly intelligent person to be moved by statistics.” We get you. You need sales and we need your success & trust. To achieve the foremost satisfaction, our ecommerce SEO expert devises the best strategy personalized to your needs. You must rely on our experience, mind-work and execution of SEO for eCommerce website.

  • Proficient Technical SEO Skills
  • Transparent & Detailed Reports
  • All-in-One eCommerce SEO Services
  • Sales & ROI driven Techniques


We walk our clients through the future of eCommerce SEO India. From startups to large organization, internet marketing has become inevitable for all. Standing at $80 billion, eCommerce SEO is gaining pace to become the most important marketing funnel. Here& how we make it look like a piece of cake.

  • Intensive Keyword Research

    Understanding competitors & market trends, we devote our efforts & time to find the best keywords used in SEO for eCommerce sites. We take animmense interest in going beyond ordinary tools and implying knowledge to bring the desired result.

  • Ecommerce SEO Audit & Analysis

    There are hurtful things like broken links, incomplete product description & more which poison SEO progress. We’ll save your eStore from these villains by improving meta tags, URL structure, headings, etc and keep an eye on its performance.

  • Content Marketing

    eStores have nothing to do with content marketing. Rather we pull out best tricks from your sleeves to polish your site with interesting, engaging and attention- seeking product descriptions. Action-driven content makes a lot of difference.

  • Quality Link Building

    To improve the organic traffic of your website, quality link building is essential. Our eCommerce SEO agency works for hours to get excellent external linking for your site. Relish unstoppable web traffic with us.

  • SEO & Conversion Optimization

    Screening out the best SEO practices that straightway give results is what we do. We map the audience & behaviour on your site, monitor likes & dislikes & strategize to achieve higher conversion.

  • Report You Everything

    will always give results and to keep you informed of the progress, daily/weekly /monthly reporting is done. We develop reports on eCommerce SEO metrics & assist you in every situation.


Keyword research and market analysis

We begin with our armours on point. Armours indicate to intensive market research which includes competitors & analysis, market demand statistics, keywords and other SEO aspects. Based on the information gained from these analytics, we devise strategies for taking eCommerce SEO on another level. Whether you looking to improve Amazon product ranking or rank your newbie eStore on search engines, you’ve got us.


Site architecture includes site mapping, URL structure, meta tags and flow of SEO juices. Our experts fix broken URLs, revamp landing page with creative usage of keywords and interlink pages that guide users to take an action.


75% of traffic on eCommerce sites is through off-page SEO. While on-page SEO deserves attention but you have to widen your horizon of marketing by doing off-page SEO. Talk about Amazon SEO, Shopify SEO or Magento SEO, we're cool with everything.


Our eCommerce SEO consultant services won't disappoint you as we make sure to maintain the quality of your site, review the existing strategies and boost conversions in real time. With us, you're error-proof at every step of marketing.

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Yupple takes care of its clients by providing the best services at affordable prices that improve your ROI.

Why Yupple technologies for e-commerce

SEO services India?

Think multitasking isn’t easy for you? Of course, if you don’t get time to design products and services then how will you expand your business. However, without having a dexterous marketing strategy, how would you excel? Hence, to take care of your company& overall digital marketing, you’ve got to knock on our door.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is eCommerce SEO?

    If you own an eStore then eCommerce SEO becomes the most essential service for your business's marketing. Competition is tough and you need to go past a thick layer of other companies ranking on search engine result page. That's why Yupple, as your partner for eCommerce SEO services in India, makes every possible effort to bring you on top SERPs.
  • What are the types of eStores you provide your services?

    While there are various platforms to run your eStore, as eCommerce SEO consultant we talk it out with your clients first. After knowing their requirements, we figure out the best platform to use for their business. On this note, you must know that we're adept in working on Magento, BigCommerce, Shopify, Wix, Weebly etc.
  • Will you be marketing my eStore on social media?

    Yes! Though it depends on you to choose how aggressive marketing you're looking for. In case, your focus is on social media marketing (SMM) then you would like to check out Yupple's social media packages.
  • Can I get a customized eCommerce SEO services package?

    Yes! That could be done. We're looking out for long-term B2B relationships. Though our packages are wholesome in their own ways and you would hardly find out anything to be taken out or added in. However, we're open to have a discussion with you and make it as comfortable as you'd like it.
  • How can we begin with eCommerce SEO services for my website?

    We entertain all queries and yours is the most important for us. Please fill up the form and our executive will contact you to explain how we begin the process. We customize an SEO campaign as per your needs and goals.

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